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Who we are

Bluebell denotes ‘kindness, support, nurture and caring’ which simply encapsulates in one word exactly what Bluebell Financial Management is all about.

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Our Story

Carolyn harboured a dream from her school days of setting up her own business and formed Bluebell Financial Management in 2022. Having enjoyed a successful financial planning career that spanned two decades with a regional Accountancy and Financial Planning firm, Carolyn was a key member of the Later Life team.

With a commitment to supporting clients, assisting those in Later Life and highlighting the real need for professional best practice - Carolyn regularly draws on her enthusiasm and passion to spread the message far and wide. Having recognised the value of this warm and friendly approach by both clients and professionals, Bluebell was born.

Bringing together empathy and expertise, Bluebell Financial Management sets new standards in the provision of later life services. Creating a full circle approach ensures those we help are both aided and equipped to make informed care and financial decisions, both now and into the future.

Combining knowledge and expertise regarding Attendance Allowance will ensure you are receiving everything to which you are entitled, whilst our Concierge Service delivers a level of support that is simply not offered or experienced elsewhere. Bluebell recognise the importance of putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place and will provide guidance on the practical application of this document to help you plan for the way ahead and ‘get your ducks in a row’.

Carolyn Matravers

Owner & Chartered Financial Planner


As a Later Life Specialist I have worked with many families over the years and whilst every situation is different, there are commonalities and experiences to share.

My personal journey has spanned 28 years during which time I have found my niche. This has enabled me to develop a bespoke service that gets me out of bed in the morning and provides the personal rewards that make me tick.

Setting up Bluebell Financial Management in 2022 has been a lifelong dream, and an achievement I'm hugely proud of and you can read more about my journey so far.

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