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Attendance Allowance: are you eligible?

In these challenging economic times, it is so important to maximise your income from all sources. Attendance Allowance is a State benefit that is available to those over State pension age who fulfil a certain eligibility criteria.

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Could you be eligible for more income?

If you require some form of assistance undertaking various activities of daily living there could be grounds to make a claim, regardless of your personal wealth.

You may have already introduced some risk management into your home by sleeping with the telephone by the bed, keeping the toilet light on at night or maybe you have an elevating chair that eases an achy back or knees – these all count towards a successful claim.

You don’t need to be receiving any direct care or paid help in the home either. You may be living alone or as part of a couple. There could be a support network of family, friends or neighbours who keep an eye out for you. This support network could be one person or a number of individuals who ‘lend a hand’ when needed, picking up shopping or transporting you to medical appointments.

From April 2023 a successful Attendance Allowance claim will generate between £3,541-£5,291 per annum, tax-free – so it is definitely worth having a conversation to find out if you are eligible. In these challenging times, additional tax-free income could be a welcome prospect for you or a family member.

What happens next?

At Bluebell, we will take time to discuss your personal situation and understand the challenges of day-to-day life and consider whether you meet the criteria.

To establish if you are eligible for more income and to seek guidance on how to make a successful claim get in touch today.

As featured on page 19 of Exmoor News.


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