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Remember to ‘get your ducks in a row’ and don’t forget to ‘join the dots’

Updated: May 1, 2023

Finances and health often remain a very private matter, but it is good practice to put a plan in place for both.

‘Get your ducks in a row’ by gathering all your paperwork together and ensure your support network knows who they need to speak to if your health declines.

Over time we all become a little slower, increasingly aware of our limitations. Many of us will experience mobility or memory challenges which are a consequence of the passing years – they certainly do not signify the loss of mental capacity or the ability to live independently. It is common to have a support network in place often without realising it. Friends, family and neighbours might be on hand if needed, masking the actual impact of these challenges on your day-to-day life.

Attendance Allowance is a non-means tested, tax-free State benefit that is very often overlooked. It is available to anyone over State pension age who fulfils a set criteria, requiring some form of assistance undertaking various activities of daily living. It is worth investigating as the prospect of additional tax-free income could be very welcome.

You may be waiting for the right time to broach the difficult and often awkward ‘what if’ conversations with your loved ones. There are dynamics in every family but don’t let this deter you. Families can be complicated, extended, blended, busy and often scattered across the world, but our means of communication are more advanced than ever.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way so let’s facilitate these conversations. Your family will appreciate you taking the time to ‘join the dots’ so they can best support you if life takes an unexpected turn in the future.

To ‘get your ducks in a row’ get in touch with Carolyn or Vicky today.

As featured in Exmoor News.


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